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Duke Snow

The Painter The Journey

To reach the point in life when one becomes a painter can be very much different than becoming say, a doctor or an engineer. In most professions, a number of years of formal schooling are necessary to gain the desired title, be it Lawyer, Doctor or Professor.

The word Artist can mean many art forms such as singing, dancing, sculpture, acting or other forms of self-expression. The word Painter however, is best suited to one who paints pictures.

The road to becoming a painter began for Duke Snow as a small child with an avid interest in nature. He would try to preserve and recreate small birds and animals that were found on the roads. By practicing his crude form of taxidermy, he felt that he was restoring them. He also tried to carve small birds and waterfowl. Starting at age six, he began raising pigeons and pheasants, and continues this to this day, along with the study of birds worldwide.

When Duke reached the age of fifteen, he left school and became a musician and singer. In the early years he was closely associated with and performing with the Rock and Roll pioneer Bill Haley. His early travels took him to many cities, where he had the privilege to visit the museums and view the great dioramas painted as backgrounds for habitat displays for wild life exhibits. These dioramas were painted by the leading wild life painters of that time, most still endure today in their original beauty. These paintings stayed with him over forty-six years of playing music and he began to try to paint backgrounds and include some form of wild life to add life to these paintings. These early attempts have carried over and are seen in his style of art today. He feels that each painting is an attempt to give back and pay tribute to nature, which mankind hasn’t treated very kindly.

Duke still raises many birds both for study and his own pleasure. After all these years, he says he still get the same sense of delight and wonder when he cares for his birds every day. While Duke has bred and raised most species of the world’s pheasants, a special love is reserved for one in particular. This bird is the wild red jungle fowl of Asia, the ancestor of all breeds of domestic chickens that exist today. In the United States there are very few aviculturists that keep and breed wild red jungle fowl that are of pure blood. Duke feels that his birds are of pure blood and he intends to keep them that way, as they are, like all wild life, suffering from loss of habitat, trapping, shooting and pesticides in their native countries of origin.

Duke lives in Glenn Mills, Pennsylvania, in the gently rolling green hills of the Brandywine Valley, surrounded by many rustic and historic sights. He and his wife Phyllis have raised their four children to adult hood, but are still deeply involved in the lives of their children and grandchildren. Much time is spent in the woods and fields for both the love of nature and inspiration for his paintings. It’s been a long journey, but it isn’t over by any means as Duke feels that there are many more miles to go and many more paintings to come. Duke will be offering signed, limited edition prints and original paintings on his web site at www.snoproart.com. Duke would like to send his warmest regards to all who view his web site and wishes you success and happiness in your life as he has been so blessed.  

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